Layout and giveaway winners

I have the results from my PL paper stuff giveaway, I had some questions to answer.
If you go to my youtube page you can see that last year I did Project Life and I really loved it. The question was if I didn't like no I do but my problem is the album got huge and I had to do 2 albums. I figure that would be no viable for my house I don't have space to keep 2 albums a year.
So this year I'm doing the pages in digital format and using the pockets for memorabilia. And Lucas stuff from school so this year I can fit everything inside one album. Plus I save much more money than printing pictures and just printing one layout a month. (Which I save and print every 3 months or so.)

I had 3 people that were interested in my supplies Percy, Gail and Carolon I will devide the supplies and maybe send in some extras please send me your addresses to my email.

Thanks for helping me clean up :)


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