Week in the Life Project 2014

Well I'm active with my digital scrapbooking you can actually see my gallery here at Oscraps. But I wanted to do somethings to document more our daily lives specially this year that Lucas is in Kindergarten.
I was looking at some pictures and came to me that we do scrapbooks of particular stories but we forget so much of everyday details. I totally forgot so many things of our routine when he was a baby or maybe 2,3 years old.
So, I wanted to do something easy because school is taking all my time, I don't have more stamping supplies not even a trimmer anymore so my solution was to use Simple stories 6x8 album and I got some of Ali and other digital templates and I'm printing things at home and I plan to continue to document this kind of mini Project Life style and Simple stories has some nice pocket pages papers and I'm also buying digital kits for Pocket projects and printing. I will list all this at the end.

The good thing is that Ali gave a free download to keep the notes so I don't have to rush to finish the project.

Ali Edwards Week in the Life Posts
Ali Edwards 6x8 templates
Simple stories 6x8 album
Simple Stories 3x4 Cards
Designs by Lili 6x8 Templates
Just Jaimee November Story Teller Pocket Scrapping Bundle


We never forget to Scrapbook

Wow I can't believe I'm even writing this post ! It's been 9 months that I took a break from blogging, classes, blog surfing but never from scrapbooking. I reduced a lot.... I needed a break. But the need for memories never stops.
Life is different now goals are different..
I went back to University to pursue something that now I know is my right path, it's what I want to do. Inspired by my son I decided to go to Childhood Psychology and hopefully later to do a Master on ABA to work with Autistic kids and Special Needs kids. It's though. Life is not the same, I have a son, he has a full schedule but I made a decision and got full support. My degree is  my priority now.
But if you are new here my blog has so much content for you, and many videos on my youtube channel.
I don't have any more paper supplies because I had to do a decision:  I do digital scrapbooking or I stop documenting my memories. So, I made the decision... digital it is.

But Lucas is going to kindergarten this year so I decided to buy a Life stories album  which is 6x8 and document his Kindergarten experience digitally and with paper. I figure this album would be easy to keep up.
Am I going to blog like before, no...but I wanted to let you know that the memories are still being made.
What about you? What have you been doing in this 9 months ?

Anna Aspnes:
Sophistica Art Play
Scriptease love 2
Magic Sprinklez 2

Paislee Press
Trace Reed
Studio Basic
J Kneeip

my heart and my soul layout and news

Hi everyone so many things going on and some big news to share with you. After a long thought I decided to apply to continue my BA that I stopped but this time in Children Psychology to after that  try a Masters in Special Needs and I was accepted  and I will start  on Spring 2014 !!

My passion to be involved with kids with special needs is way beyond my work with my son and I found a call.
I just came back from a trip to Atlantic City I was there for a big Autism Conference and I was so busy before hand, that's why I was so MIA.

I'm almost done helping my neighbour with her scrapbook so I can focus on mine.

Anna Aspnes
Artsy Template 43
Warm Glow 6

you hold the key to my heart 
beautifulness stencil

AE stamps bundle to see

I'm selling my Ali Edwards stamp sets collections some of them are not even available because were part of the membership club
You can check them here at my Etsy.


Wish List

As I want to concentrate more on doing my art journal and artsy stuff there are somethings that I have seen that I think will streamline my process because really right now I don't have as much time as before even though Lucas goes to school I'm actually volunteering, taking care of my health and doing
activities for him for his therapy.

I was always a fan of stencil love love love them some on my list

Arrows and Heart Stencil
Well Rounded stencil

Susana's Arrows


Love the Glitz roller stamps great for that

Wild and Free
Chevron  by the way they have a chevron washi tape  very cool

And I want to try the Ranger Distress Stains as they seem easier to control on a page
I 'm had problems with skin reaction and acrylics so I want to use less of them

Ranger Distress Stains

What is in your wish list lately?


May Faves Layout

Summer is over the little boy started school this week and I finally can do something again, at this point I'm almost ending my Hello Story class from Big Pictures classes and I have so many layouts ideas.

But something else will keep me busy while I do that my neighbor asked my help to finish a book with layouts for her son which she told me she was trying to finish for 2 years!!

I thought : You came to the right person. :)

Well it really stroke me as she was saying how stores like Michaels overwhelms her and how she had no clue how design works and how to show the emotions she wanted in her pages. It came to me again the concept that Educating yourself and learning about design it is important so you don't get overwhelmed and you give up. Of course if you want to continue to like Scrapbook and decide to learn more.

So I'm busy creating layouts for her which I won't post here but I'm creating just I don't have time now to do my pages.


Nettio Designs Gridtastic vol1

Litabells - Shine (Thedaily digi september)

I hope you enjoyed your summer !


Story Coach Review + coupon

I want to bring to you today something that I was doing and really think it's a fantastic class ! I think Debbie (which to me is the best scrapbooking  teacher) really did something so different from what is  in the industry right  now.
First of all I'm a member of Masterful Scrapbooking Design and it's the best membership so far I ever had. Debbie is about stories and design and understanding the hobby and not about product and "do like I do". By now I think you know I hate this.

Anyway she started this series of classes Story Coach which is so cool, paper or digi scrappers can use it. It's a series of prompts and windows where you can note all your stories and write things and later the design comes all ready for you to print or to just copy and past, but the nice thing is that it's a on going thing. You can start any time, add more content anytime, plus if you would like to write by hand she provides pdf with all the prompts and you can just add to your scrapbook. She has examples of what she did with the same class. It's just amazing! It's on going so you can save as many stories as you want around the same topic.
I think it's easier if you see by yourself in this video.

Isn't this Amazing!
I loved this and I will buy all the other ones.

The one I'm doing right now is
Story Coach I heard the news 

She also has right now

Story Coach Play Changes  and Story Coach Intrasit.

They are $10 each !!

 Or you can buy the bundle for $60 (which makes $5.5 each class) and will take you till December 2013 2 classes every month.

Debbie was generous to give a special coupon for my readers if you decide to purchase the bundles.
10% off the Story Coach bundle good through August 28.

coupon code: 2worldstory

*Affiliates links 

Hope you try