Craft /Stamping project

This is a little something I made to put my GPS we've bought on black friday,I sew with my Janome, then I've used the monogram stamp from Papertrey Ink, and the sides I've used Marvy Uchida decofabric marker I bought on AC M. They are so cool, there is a shine to it and can be also used on cardstock. The Design I used a template I have from paperwishes(HTOP).

Some food for thought as you like to say here,,,

If you are a beginner , if you look blogs for inspirations BE AWARE stamping and scrapbooking is a passion, think about for who you do it?
Do you do just to get free stamps? do you do just to be on design teams? Or you do because you have passion,you enjoy ?
Bingo !!

Any work we do simple or fancy is our passion into it, so don't let stamping become a celebrity field in your mind, I feel myself I'm already sorrounded by pressure of society, or pressure of work , any pressure you may have outside, so why put my passion and something that relax me into that?

Why do I have to do fancy? or simple? or color coordinated?
That doesnt matter what matter is the feeling you have !it is the smile on the other person's eyes !
BE AWARE , you don't have to have millions tools , and people saying to you that this stamp, this tool is great......stamping is about falling in love and if that is going to fit on you stamping style...... go for it !

This is just something I want to come out off my chest to help people maybe like me.
I'm annoyed and sufocated !

So, I declared freedom of myself to see some things that tell me what I should like, and to think that just that style is the best because they have 300 design teams...
Doesnt matter ! You are the star of you work, your children,family , friends, will love...
And Í'm blessed to have a work and people that support me .

And I'm happy to make real friends on this journey ! Friends that cheer each other up and admire the work of each other !



Maria said...

Hey Jana! I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments! I love stamping and creating for the sake of pure enjoyment. I make what feels good to me. .. I buy items that "I" like and not what people tell me to buy. Unfortunately, I do still buy a lot of stuff.

I'm glad you feel the same way!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


malieta said...

You summed everything up in a few paragraphs Jana! I totally agree and I admire your strength. Take care now!
p.s. your stamping project is cute too!

Cheryl said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, Jana!!!! Good for you and you told it so well. I feel just like you. Yep, I am blogging yet, just haven't been home and haven't taken photos of what I have done. I will do that soon for sure. I continue to read you and Maria tho!!! (my favs). Keep up the great work.

Rita said...

I totally agree with you Jana! I luv to stamp & may not have a lot of stamps & will never have alot & thats ok with me, I buy what I really luv. I too like to give to see the look on people's faces when you give them something that is handmade. Stamping relaxes me & brings out a creative side of me that I never had before & has also made me come out of my shell. I have truely made some wonderful friends here who share my luv for stamping & scrapping. *Hugs*

Edyenis Gonçalves said...

Oi Jana... hoje mesmo estav louca pra fazer scrap. Mas sem meu material, como eu poderia? Fui fazer digital!
Temos que seguir o coração nas criações e não deixar de lado as espiadinhas nos blogs das amigas para se inspirar tb.


kathy said...

I feel the same as you. I hafta step back and evaluate if I need things or I would buy it all. I am glad you are feeling better

Tammy-SCS-feathers&ink said...

WELL SAID! I need to take it to heart when it comes to buying tools! I keep seeing things on other people's sites and thinking "I GOTTA HAVE THAT!" and I have spent far more money than I should have. Thanks for the gentle reminder of what we do and why we do it!