Blog Candy

Time for a blog candy !
To commemorate the new year that is coming !
And to thank you all for stopping by. Weekend is going so fast, I still have some study to do
but I did a lot of creations yesterday so, I can study , I'm sad that I wont do some gifts on time, but hey is better receive late than don't right? :)
Sorry the picture is not so great
but I have
rub-on from Daisyd's -holiday paint frames
Daisyd's cardstock stickers -Holidays arrows
TAC pad is not complete but I think I've just used some pages.
TAC stamp
Xmas tree chipboard

The candy is open for international bloggers, for you out there that visit me,
I will pick winner next Saturday 15th at 11 p.m Eastern time.
Leave a comment:
What is your objective craft speaking for 2008?

For me is to get better, define better my style
and try to scrapbook all the picture I sent to print , more than 150 lol
that is a lot of work out there, and be more responsable with buying scrapbook /stamps products.

Thanks all you again, and good luck !


Jan Scholl said...

my objective is to finish my craft room up and finish all my started projects. Oh, and I want to run a marathon too. what am I thinking? like any of this will come to be.

Cheryl said...

Wow, that really made me think. I think my objective for 2008 would be to keep my blog going better than I have been. I just haven't taken the time to update it. Alot of what I would post photos of are gifts for folks that read my blog, so it would be a spoiler to put them on. After the holidays I will be a posting fool!!! I would also like to learn some new techniques and step out of the box I am in.
Thanks Jana for this thought provoking question.
Cheryl Sims

My Paper World said...

Looks like great candy, you are so sweet!
1. I would like to keep my craft stuff tidy so that I can find everything quicker.
2.Definately use up my scraps.
3.Learn new techniques.
4.Be braver to try more paper crafting projects, not just cards all the time!

Becky said...

Well, for me, I have 2 goals in 2008 for my crafting. Number 1 would be to catch up (and keep it up!) on my son's album. He's not even 2 yet and I've already fallen a few months behind! My second one would be to get into stamping. I only have a few stamps, and sadly I never really use them, but I really want to start!

Wife2TJ said...

Mine is to be able to try more techniques and possibly start selling my creations.

thanks for sharing blog candy with us all!

CAKVD said...

Hello! First, I want to thank you for being such a loyal reader of my blog. I always love to read your comments and they put a smile on my face! My goals this year are to try to join a design team and to submit work for publication. Oh, and I want to learn how to use my camera better for when I take photos of my creations!! Take care!!
Cheryl KVD

Jodie said...

My objective is to be a little more organised. Have more fun making cards and learning new things with Jen....

apron girls said...

My objective is to get caught up on my 2 kids and hopefully start getting inspired by things other than other people's work.

Tejal said...

This is just the first year of my card making...and in the next i hope to make much more, have a definite style..figure out where to start from..and gift the ones that I make..not hoard them... :)
And oh yes, buy stuff in moderation!

scfranson said...

You have a wonderful blog. One of mine is to make a lot more cards for the soldiers in Iraq. I sent them to them and they pick out the one's they need and send them home to loved ones. They love it since they don't have any way of buying a card there.

Cathy said...

Great question.
I would like to organize my time better.
Do some challenges with other stamps.
Upload my projects more regularly on SCS
Thanks for this celebration candy for 2008.

Anonymous said...

My objective is to complete a whole scrapbook for me. I've been scrapbooking for 3 years now and haven't' got a scrapbook for myself yet. I've been scrapping for other all this time and I think it's time to get something made about me and my husband.

Linda said...

I would really like to finish at least 1 scrapbook.
Linda Peterson

malieta said...

Great candy Jana!
I would like to focus on my scrapbook projects a lot more.

Anonymous said...

My objective is to spend less time thinking about stamping and more time stamping. I just saw your Youtube video about Big Kick and Nestabilities. Wonderful! Thanks so much!

Shawn K.

Kate said...

I really would like to get my scrapbooks caught up and get back to crafting on a daily basis.

Elaine said...

I'm hoping to be more organized so I can find things when I want!!! :) I love to craft, but hate clean up!

Anonymous said...

My stamping objective is to make more cards, would be nice to sell a few to help pay for supplies. I'd love to try all the new and wonderful products I see online and on blogsites, if I can earn some money for them, they look incredible. Thank you for lovely candy. Good luck in your studies.:)

Linda SS said...

Learn how to use my digital camera better so I could post photos of my cards. My scanned photos never look very good.

Angel Wilde said...

For 08 I would like my cards to be on time. And I would like to be on a design team.

Yanitza Ramos said...

My objective for 2008 is to organize my supplies and to come up with new ideas to share with my blogging friends...LOL ;)

Rita said...

My objective for 2008 is to do my daughter's scrapbook of everything leading up to her wedding, engagement, parties, gown shopping, wedding planning, etc. I want to give her this book the morning of her wedding day. Thanks for the chance Jana.

Joanne said...

Thats a great question! my objective is to get organized so I can do all the things i want to do! I also want to keep learning and definately keep crafting

Lilian said...

my objective for 2008 is to organize all my supplies... i just started this year and i have collected quite a few supplies that now need a home. :)

thanks for the chance to win.

Alison Molumby said...

I'm definitely jumping on the organization bandwagon for 2008. I waste more time looking for things that are misplaced than I care to think about!

GinaP said...

my objective is to use the stuff I have... including stamps that have retired and projects unfinished. I also want to clean my stamping space and make it pretty for the new year. Also I'd like to get back to scrapping, which I've been very bad about in recent years.

Thanks for the great opportunity!!! Happy Holidays!!

All Pink girl said...

thanks so much for thr chance to win your lovely blog candy ,
well i have got to try scrapbooking my children are growing so fast i need to do it ,
and i surpose i need to try different styles LOL ,so much to do so little time ,Dawnx

Gina Wrona said...

I really hadn't thought about it, but since you asked.........
I'd have to say is that to organize everything that I've been printing for case ideas and clean up my family room/kitchen that has stuff everywhere, which would make my dh happy which would get him off my back, kwim?