Wrap around card

This is for Jen's challenge, interesting to make a card stamp all over. I decided to make a a kind of quote, cheerful card.
Stamps used : Inque boutique, Flourishes, Sentiments: TAC
Die cuts: cuttlebug 2 step die, and cricut home accent cartridge.

Well, I'm upset, snoopy is sick, and it was my fault, well in that event I think I gave him a sample food from Purina that gave him allergies. He cant eat this grocery store brands, but I was stupid and gave him.
So, now he cant stop scratching, linking , his mouth is all red and around his eyes purple, and his belly, poor him, I feel so sorry. And the vet can just see him Thursday. I tell you, I hate to see him this way. He is not sleeping well because he cant stop linking himself, his paws are all red too. :(

Hope you are having a great week.


Cheryl said...

That is such a beautiful card. Love the way you incorporated all the different elements. Hope Snoopy gets better really fast. We hate to see our furkids sick.

Elena said...

I am so sorry to hear about your lovely dog... Hope he will feel better very soon.
Your card that you made is very beautiful! You always amaze me with your beautiful art!
Talking about your art - I've nominated you for a blog award. you can find more deatils in my post TheRedHairedGirl.
You are doing a great job on your cards and scrapbooking. I also enjoy watching your tutorials!!! Thank you!

Bunny B said...

That's really gorgeous! I love it!

Jen Young said...

Jana, this is a very pretty card!!! I love what you did here. Great job on the challenge.

Now for your doggie... oh my!! poor baby!!! I would feel bad too - I would hate to see what kinda poop he has too... mines ate human food, and holy moly, made ME sick!!! I hope he'll get better soon - I can't imagine being prego and taking care of a sick baby... take it easy and take care!!!


Rita said...

Luv, luv luv this card Jana! You did an awesome job with this challenge!

So sorry to hear that snoopy is not well, poor thing! He will get better soon!

Tejal said...

I hope Snoopy gets well soon! Lots of hugs to him!

That's a very beautiful card..

malieta said...

Oh Jana....you did a fantastic job with the Wrap Around Card! I love everything about your lovely card!!!

malieta said...

I feel so sorry for Snoopy...poor babay! I hope that his trip to the vet provides some much need relief and I know you will feel better too!

Mada said...

What a great card! I love the butterfly and the yellow birdie - awesome! :)
A wrap around card is a nice idea, I never thought about it.

So sorry to hear about poor Snoopy. My mongrel doggie has food allergies quite often, especially over the summer. He never liked dog food and he eats only human one. When he's having problems I always stop feeding him meat for a week and my doctor recommended a light anti-allergy medicine for kids. It usually makes him a bit sleepy and he doesn't scratch himself too much.

I hope your Snoopy gets well real quick and your worries go away.


Anonymous said...

Love the card.


Francien said...

Oh my Bulldog girl has the same problems!!!!I gave her a different kind of food because the other one had soldout and I did not hat the time to drive to the vet who sells it..Now her belly is all red..scratching and she is feeling miserable...I am feeling bad too...Ishould have known better..Bought the right food again today and my vet gave her a shot for the itsching..she is sleeping now but it will take at least a week to get it out of her systhem..never do that again!!!. Abouit your card:
It is very beautiful...stunning what you did with this card...
take care and hope Snoopy will get well soon.
greetings Francien.

Elizabeth Roessle said...

Que paixão, o cartão está muito delicado!!!Amei...

sylv said...

Beautiful card Jana! I hope Snoopy feels better soon!

wendyp said...

Gorgeous card!!!

Maria said...

I love your wrap around card! The images are so pretty and the colors are beautiful! Great job!

Oh, I'm sorry to hear about Snoopy. He must be miserable. It's amazing how even animals have allergies. Well, I hope he is feeling better soon!