Do you want some Project life supplies?

I have this supplies from the old Project Life called 365 there are a ton of journaling cards more than anything.
If you would like those let me know on comments and leave your email. If there is more than one person I will do a thing.



Percy said...

Jana, would love some!!! You did not like project life, was it hard to work with? Thanks for the chance!

Carolon Dunlap said...

Thank you for wanting to share your supplies, yes I would be interested. TFS

Percy said...

Jana, Thanks for the chance! I would love to get this! :) Did you not like working with project life? Was it too hard to do? :)

Luana Gibson said...

are these still available. I am new to scrapbooking/cardmaking and would love to add these to start my collection and help me to produce my first scrapbook. please let me know. thank you so much for the supplies.