Thank You card to all of YOU

I want to say thanks to all messages that I've received, thanks for even the ones that don't comment always to make the effort to say a message for us. It's is really appreciated.

Things are overwhelmed here for me not much because of Lucas, he is such a good baby, but I'm feeling a lot the results of child birth and I've been in a lot of pain. So, I have to be patience and give myself time to heal.

Probably, my posts will be sporadic but I have some projects made that here and there will pop-up till things get better.

Thank you all of you that stop by, but my blog, and thanks for the kind words.


Stamp: Magnolia Stamps colored with sharpie markers.


Bona said...

Hi Jana! You're welcome. Take it easy. Don't worry about posting. Family always comes first. I'm so excited for you. Lucas is so adorable.

Márcia Mattos said...

Oi Jana

Espero que se recupere logo!!!!
E se der um pouquinho de tristeza, não se assuste...passa logo viu??


Momiji said...

I understand what a busy time it is and one of adjustment too.
plenty of time to catch up later..just enjoy your early days with your new family...

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

You are in my heart and in my prayers. I remember the long time it takes to heal from childbirth.

Take care of yourself Jana.


Chris said...


Muitos momentos felizes para vcs três!!!
O pós-parto é um pouco chatinho, mas passa rápido. É só olhar a fofura do Lucas ao seu lado que tudo passa. F
Tudo de bom!

Elizabeth Roessle said...

Parabéns Querida!!!
O Lucas é lindoooo....

Rita said...

Your card is so darn cute! Welcome home mom & Lucas!!!! Take your time & take care of your family first, it will all come together for you & you can blog & create whenever time allows. We will always be here for you Jana!!! Wishing you well!!!

Risa said...

Hi Jana!
I bet you are slowly starting to feel so much better now that you have delivered. Your card is adorable! The DP is so colorful and yummy and baby Magnolia is awesome.

Cheryl said...

Every day will get better, Jana, and you will be back to your old self. Give Lucas a hug from me. So glad all is well.

janine said...

Congrats sweetie he is just perfect big hugs to you and bubs and dont forget to take care of yourself too ,,OOhh he's just so cute
Janine xx

Elena said...

Thank you for the card, Jana! So cute!
I hope that you will feel better soon after some rest!

rebecca said...

What a cute card (thanks) and what a BEAUTIFUL baby. No wonder you're tired out! He needs you right now, so put your energy into what's important. You can catch us up now and then. We'll still be here.

Maria said...

Aww, such a cute Thank you card, Jana! You are so sweet to post one! I can't believe you can even craft after giving birth!