May Faves Layout

Summer is over the little boy started school this week and I finally can do something again, at this point I'm almost ending my Hello Story class from Big Pictures classes and I have so many layouts ideas.

But something else will keep me busy while I do that my neighbor asked my help to finish a book with layouts for her son which she told me she was trying to finish for 2 years!!

I thought : You came to the right person. :)

Well it really stroke me as she was saying how stores like Michaels overwhelms her and how she had no clue how design works and how to show the emotions she wanted in her pages. It came to me again the concept that Educating yourself and learning about design it is important so you don't get overwhelmed and you give up. Of course if you want to continue to like Scrapbook and decide to learn more.

So I'm busy creating layouts for her which I won't post here but I'm creating just I don't have time now to do my pages.


Nettio Designs Gridtastic vol1

Litabells - Shine (Thedaily digi september)

I hope you enjoyed your summer !



Percy said...

I really like this layout, the way you used little squares to make a big one! TFS

Carolon Dunlap said...

I really like this layout and the fact that you made an impact with a basic shape is great. I've just started going back to using the basic shapes and you can get a lot doing so. Thanks for sharing this.

Carolon Dunlap said...

Great layout using squares! Love it.