Story Coach Review + coupon

I want to bring to you today something that I was doing and really think it's a fantastic class ! I think Debbie (which to me is the best scrapbooking  teacher) really did something so different from what is  in the industry right  now.
First of all I'm a member of Masterful Scrapbooking Design and it's the best membership so far I ever had. Debbie is about stories and design and understanding the hobby and not about product and "do like I do". By now I think you know I hate this.

Anyway she started this series of classes Story Coach which is so cool, paper or digi scrappers can use it. It's a series of prompts and windows where you can note all your stories and write things and later the design comes all ready for you to print or to just copy and past, but the nice thing is that it's a on going thing. You can start any time, add more content anytime, plus if you would like to write by hand she provides pdf with all the prompts and you can just add to your scrapbook. She has examples of what she did with the same class. It's just amazing! It's on going so you can save as many stories as you want around the same topic.
I think it's easier if you see by yourself in this video.

Isn't this Amazing!
I loved this and I will buy all the other ones.

The one I'm doing right now is
Story Coach I heard the news 

She also has right now

Story Coach Play Changes  and Story Coach Intrasit.

They are $10 each !!

 Or you can buy the bundle for $60 (which makes $5.5 each class) and will take you till December 2013 2 classes every month.

Debbie was generous to give a special coupon for my readers if you decide to purchase the bundles.
10% off the Story Coach bundle good through August 28.

coupon code: 2worldstory

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Hope you try

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