Layout and a Discovery

Recently I joined a online class something I didn't do for a long long time I did many many classes in my scrapbooking time but besides Masterful Scrapbooking Design I think the industry is the same old same old: Do like I do, buy this and buy that and buy more after that  you can make a layout like mine.

I got sick and tired of it!

 I want more meaning!

 I to be able to write more don't help me to buy more embellishments help me to make pages with meaning!

In my opinion Scrapbooking was never about artsy pages, although some people say I don't want to write I just want to play,  I respect that but I don't  agree.
 If you just want to make art do cards, do art journal, do canvas. Scrapbooking is about recording and to me more and more nowadays actually since my father died It's been a journey to leave what I wasn't left with: I have some pictures but I have no idea what happened. I want to write more!
I want to write about reality not just to write everything is cute and wonderful and my son is just wonderful well he is but he's not made just of that.

Than Ali Edwards came with Hello Story. At first I thought well it's kind of expensive but it's 12 weeks and it's Ali Edwards a person that really takes writing your story seriously, a person that puts her life out there so we can see how life is and all the details good and bad and how to document it.
I took the plunge and signed up .

----------------------------------THE BEST THING I EVER DID ---------------------------------------------------

More than never in this down moment in my life I need something to show me what I want to do but always struggled with : to write deeper stories, to write the everyday  because it makes us feel better, because it brings gratitude in our hearts. It has been amazing her help to give us tools and she has been so open about writing and she says that we can do this and give us a helping hand.(And this is just the 2 week !)

It's about the heart of this craft and not about products.

Feeling grateful now that I decided to sign up.

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