Table Hybrid Calendar and my word for 2010

Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of a cold, it has been such a long time I didn't have one that I forgot how annoying it is. Always when I go from hot place to cold place I get this.
Anyway, I did this hybrid project for my husband , this table calendar for him to put at his table at work.
I got the calendar for free here. So, you get the template, print fold, glue and that's it ! She also gave free the date stamps, in my case I chose Portuguese but she has in English in the same free file.
I would like to show something new on my Etsy store, now also Custom Photo Bottle Cap Magnets, and pretty soon other designs also. I thought this would be a great affordable gift !
Check it out here.
Everyone in blog land is talking about one little word from Ali's idea about your word for the new year.
My word is Appreciation

I decided to think more and reflect about really the values that matter, I have a tendency to be a complainer and I have been working hard on listening more, don't give my opinions when not asked and complaining less and be more appreciative. Its been hard , LOL
But I see myself doing some changes I never thought I would , and my husband helped me a lot in this process to show me things I was not paying attention.

I'm really sad this days because there is a person in my extended family, my uncle , really sick with cancer and he is a person that I respect and like so much, one of the few people that gave me and my sister some love when my father died, specially my sister.
Funny how life is they knew each other since young age , went to navy together, my father made him to meet my aunt and now he is dieing of the same disease. I'm really sad why such a good person have to go through this .But its beyond our comprehension the paths that God give us.

So . this is my word and work for 2010.
Appreciate life, everyday life, every minute, appreciate health, friends....

What is your word? Did you think about that?


Karen said...

I like your word Jana. That was basically mine last year... Thankful. This year I chose recreate. I've been babysitting my grandkids for 3 years and helping an elderly neighbor for about 2 years before that. This year it's time to take care of myself and make sure I have free time, relaxation and lots of crafting time!

Risa said...

Your post today is absolutely beautiful Jana. I'm so sorry to hear that your uncle is sick and I know that you are going through a difficult time right now.
Your calendar is awesome, I love it and I know that Carlos can't help but to smile when admiring his beautiful family.
I also love the concept of "one word" and yours is awesome! I haven't thought of a word yet but this idea has my brain churning with ideas.
Take care and I hope that you feel better soon!

Elena said...

Wow! Love the calendar you created! What a precious gift for your husband!
Your bottle cap magnet is so cute! :)
Sorry to hear about your uncle... Will be thinking about you and family.