Photoshop Playing - Collage and tips for PSE

I just finished a awesome digital collage class with Renee Pearson, and there is so much more I have to learn, but I see my skills and understanding of PSE growing each day more, to the point I can see things now and figure how they were done.
You can ask , well what this has to be with paper crafting or scrapbooking, well in my opinion has everything to do with it. Because each day more stamping companies and Scrapbooking companies are stepping into the hybrid step. Which can give us freedom to be creative and save money.

This class was to advanced stage but if you want take this step this year and learn PSE Renee has started a Just Basics class. I don't receive anything to talk about her, but she was such a awesome teacher, it was one of the best PSE online classes I have done. I'm sure her basic class will teach you a lot.

Some books I would recommend:

Matt is my idol, he is part of a website I'm a member called Photoshop Elements User learned a lot from him there, and did a layers class with him through Kelby Tranning, as all their PSE classes.
Layers is fundamental on PSE, there is many books about tricks , but you do the trick and than later you don't understand or know how to again. I believe you have to understand first.

And great resource to understand the PSE as a whole.

I hope you explore more your Photoshop



Risa said...

Your collage is beautiful Jana! You have come along way with PSE and it shows! I think that I will check out this site and learn the basics of PSE. Thanks for sharing the link!

Elena said...

Congratulations on finishing class, Jana!
Love what you did, collage looks stunning!