Card + Award

hi guys things are busy here , this is a quick card . Just used some scraps so can't remember what paper is that.
I received this award from Monica it says gold blog .Monica thank you so much I really appreciate that, and sorry for posting it so late . Obrigada !

Yesterday was my anniversary, 9 years and 14.5 that we know each other. How time goes fast, I met my husband I was 19 wow. So we went for dinner first time alone, and left Lucas with a baby sitter , I was trying really hard not to think about him. I try people :) but I crazy to get home to check on him, sleeping of course ...motherhood indeed is a funny thing.

Thanks for coming


Momiji said...

love the card...nice happy colours..

Elena said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Jana!
Conratulations on the award!
Your card is so pretty! I relly love the sentiment!
I am the same way about baby-sitting, always worry :)