Who said dogs don't dream? & a card

Hi everyone, hoping everybody had a great weekend, here the Saturday was gorgeous we went to have a walk in dowtown Princeton, while there we saw a band that was playing at the square, Lucas enjoyed, it was a hot, but not that much. I visited a brand new Paper Source store that opened there ! Oh my I love that store I got so shocked when I saw they were going to open here.
Snoopy didn't get better actually he scratched so much himself he got hurt , so Carlos took him to vet again and we decided to do a allergy test so we can give him the appropriate meds.
while we wait for this he back to the medicine we don't like but at least he is a little better.
This medicine have side effects so it's not good for a long period of time can give the dog diabetes and we don't want that. The test is expensive but we thought we could give him the appropriate treatment.
The background of this card is fabric that I used distress inks, I gave the fabric (muslim) a coat of gesso than used distress inks, this was a scrap from a project I was doing last week.
Stamp : magnolias.

And talking about Snoopy, who said dogs can't dream


Risa said...

Your card is adorable Jana! Tilda is so cute!!! Poor Snoopy, I sure hope that the vet finds out what he is allergic to...poor baby! Thanks for sharing the video, I wonder what Snoopy was dreaming about? *smile*

Anonymous said...

Your dog is so precious! I recently had to put down my canine son due to cancer. It was one of the toughest times of my life. He was my child. I brought him home when he was 4-months old. I miss him so much! He was 12-years old when he left us. I posted pictures of him in our home and just recently got his ashes back. He is next to my bed until we decide where will keep his ashes. Thanks for shring your snoopy with us.

Elena said...

Your card is so pretty! Love the idea with fabric.
So sorry about Snoopy... Hope that doctors will help him...
Thank you for sharing this video, I wonder what Snoopy was dreaming of?

Maria said...

Hey Jana! Your card is such a cutie! Love the pretty colors!! I'm sorry to hear that Snoopy still itches. Our dog has allergies too. Poor guy.

Funny because our cat dreams too. She'll even meow, twitch and snore while sleeping! LOL! Snoopy is a cutie.