Digital Layout

This picture was taking together with several other by a friend of mine and amazing photographer M. Teresa Simao.
We made a session when I was around 8 or 81/2 months pregnant.
Sometimes, some of my digital layouts are just to express my playful side, I like to things that express what I'm feeling. And play with beautiful papers in photoshop.
Soon I will post a tutorial trying to explain what I know about layers in photoshop, have to edit that still.
Today got shocked when Lucas woke up thinking it was the usual 4 am call but when I looked at the clock it was 5:40 AM, ok that was great or what?
I hope this begin to be a new pattern that he will start, so I can begin to think about going to the gym early morning, I'm feeling very unhappy on what is left from my pregnancy, can't stand myself, I know I'm not even close to so many people that have weight problems, but I never had this weight in my life, I was always 158 and now I'm 176 but seems everything is in my belly and my face. Just annoying ! And I can't wait to exercise, something I never thought I would want, because I hate exercise.

Paper and word art : Paperbag studios

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Momiji said...

I love what you've done with the silhouette and just a hint of colour.
very special time of 'waiting' captured there..

Rita said...

Awesome silhouette layout, I luv it! You are doing an amazing job Jana with all your layouts!

Jen said...

Beautiful pic that your friend took, and beautiful layout that you've created. I must get back into digi scrapping - it's been while for me, and I have pics like this I took of myself too!!

Anyways, no worry on your weight, sister!!! I heard that if you breast feed it helps you lose weight. But just get back into exercising, and watch what you eat. I should talk, I'm that big, and I gave birth 4 years ago!!! I want to lose the weight too, but it's hard when you only have time for baby and not for yourself. Maybe you have to start going for walks around the block, and stroll baby along. That will help you get started.

Keep your spirits up - you are beautiful within, and although we ourselves don't look at that all the time, those around you do.

Big Big Hugs,

Risa said...

This layout is beautiful Jana! I LOVE the silhouette!!! I think I understand where you are going with the weight Jana. But...give it some time... as soon as Lucas starts walking around...your weight should drop off! Keep us posted on your progress.

crafttherapy said...

Hi Jana, sou sua fan adoro seus trabalhos sempre aprendo com vc,Obrigada por compartilhar seu talento com tanto carinho que seus videos transmitem, nao se preocupe demais com seu peso o Lucas e uma fofura valeu apena os quilinhos extras,conheco ele pelo youtube.
obrigada daqui de UK - London.
Edina bjs.

Elena said...

The layout is gorgeous!
You really do an amazing job with the layers!

Maria said...

Oh what a nice round belly! LOL! I love the silhouette and layout! Awesome job, Jana!

Sorry. . I'm a bit behind on my commenting! June and July have been so busy with my daughter graduating in a few days. .. lots of stuff to prepare for. One day, you'll be doing the same thing. Honestly, as kids grow up it don't get less busy. . .just a different type of busy.

It took me 6 months to lose all my weight but I had a residual weight that never ever went away. Even at my thinnest. . .I was at least always 5 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. It's really odd because I fit in the same size but I was at least 5 to 10 lbs heavier, no matter what!!

Don't worry. . .you'll lose the weight eventually!