Boxed Mini Album

This is a 4x4 mini album inside the box, did this for my Etsy, trying to update a little bit.
Can't believe in 3 days my son will be 3 months. It goes slow sometimes and other times so fast.
Fast post today , I will work on my newsletter, I can never send on time, too many things to do.
But that's my priority for the day.


Elizabeth Roessle said...

Uau!!!Que show de trabalho!
Lindo e encantador como tudo que vc faz!

Elena said...

Already three months! Time is flying! I still think that Sergei is a little boy, but he will be 9 years old this month!
Love your mini-box album! Very cute! Got your newsletter today! Thank you so much, Jana!

Risa said...

Jana, your mini box album is super cute!!! You are so creative my friend!
p.s. Lucas is adorable and yes...he is growing so fast already:)

Rita said...

Enjoy them while their little....they DO grow up way too fast!

Very beautiful mini bos album gift!

Jen said...

Cute, Jana!!!