Card and Award

My friend Risa gave me this award, this is the second time, for me so I'm feeling pretty faboulous now , lol
Also I should say 5 things I'm addicted to:

1- Coffee
2- Chocolate
3- Lost !!!
4- internet
5- Stamps

Tomorrow, Pediatrician interview that should be interesting.
I think I discover why the headaches, I was reading yesterday and noticed that if I put the book far, like on my lap I was not reading the words clear,,, I don;t know but just in case I schedule already a Ophthalmologist. Let see what happens, here was feeling like 11F today of pretty cold !

Keep warm people !


Elena said...

Your card is so cute Jana!
Hope everything will be all right at the doctor office and they will help you to answer all your questions! Wish you only the best!

Altered Annie said...

Congrats on the award! Question...your project 365, are you starting it now, or are you saving it for the baby's first year?
Maybe I'll 'see' you on the show tomorrow night, that is if my son and his girlfriend change their minds about coming over to watch a movie with us. Have a great day/evening!
- Ms.Altered

malieta said...

Hey Jana,
Your card is adorable and I love the sweet image!
I didn't know that you are a coffee fan....for some reason or another I didn't think you liked coffee. *smile*
I'm sitting in bed right now watching LOST on the Sci Fi channel. I'm kind of new to the show but I have to say, it definitely has my attention.
Take care and I hope that glasses help ease your headaches.

Maria said...

Awww, Jana! Your card is so pretty! You did a lovely job coloring the image!! Congratulations on your award!! Well deserved I must say!! I drink coffe but I don't love coffee. I need to wake up! LOL! I've never watched one episode of Lost. . .unbelievable considering they film in Hawaii!

Hey. . .be sure to tell your OB/GYN doctor about the headache and blurred vision. Actually, call her/him today about it. Don't wait for an appt.


Michele said...

I'm addicted to Lost as well and can't wait for it to start again! Adorable card. Hope the glasses help!

Rita said...

Beautiful card! Congrats on the award & your blog is FABULOUS I so agree!!!