Layout and newsletter out

I just love the fall here in my area of New Jersey, I do think some people talk bad about NJ , but they actually don't know the whole state, they think all NJ has are the industries close to NY. But here where I live is just wonderful, full of beautiful places and views. I just love it !
I feel much happier here than ever before, sorry Oklahoma and Florida :) although I'm still a gator , Go gators ! lol
Anyway, the second edition of my newsletter is out today if you don't receive it yet, you can subscribe on the right side of my blog. I share links I found around, free classes, video tutorials and so on. My main focus is always scrapbooking but I always include links for cardmakers.
Just make sure you confirm all the way till the end, some people are still pending because they did not go all the way to the end in the subscription.
Tomorrow I go to the movies after work to see Australia with a friend ! Perfect romantic movie for girls !
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Virginia said...

Guilty! I'm one of the one's that drove through NJ fast to get home to Long Island when I lived there 5 years ago.

From the looks of your layout...I missed out on a nice place.

I miss fall. Love the leaves! Great layout.

Momiji said...

love the layout..very natural and nice to see where you live!
thanks for a really great newsletter and links...

Maria said...

Hey Jana!! I'm back from my trip and doing a bit of catch up on my blog comments!

I love your layout. . .it's so personal. . love the hand written journal. I read that when you can, it's best to "write" the journaling than having it printed. This way your kids or family see your handwriting.

I've never been to NJ but I would love to one day! I've never visited the East Coast. The furthest I've been to the East is Washington DC. I can imagine all the fall colors there!!


Elena said...

Beautiful page! Love the paper you are using!
Have a great time with your friend!

Rita said...

I luv what you did with this layout & thanks so much for sharing! I'm a big believer in journaling in your scrapbooks. I had friends who lived in Tom's River NJ & visited them a few times & it was beautiful! Like everywhere, there are some gorgeous places & some not so nice.