Stories in Hand

This mini was made with the free class I had at Jessica Sprague, stories in hand, it is heavy so many things she provided us, this is a more reference kind of mini, and some tab mini to write stories we just dont want miss on the go, I still have so much to read, and begin to dig those memories, but I'm exciting as see I have tools to direct to build my memories, my legacy for my child, I'm so excited.. The class was way over with more than 300 participants but continue to look her website, maybe she will offer again, if you like scrapbooking its way worth it.

The dies were sold thanks so much !


Mada said...

Wow! That class sounds great!
I am not into scrapbooking (yet?) but I adore the "Stories in Hand" cover. It looks very good for being used as a card. :)

Reading your thoughts I realized how wonderful it is to have a special "target" when creating something.
Lucas will be able to learn his history in a very artistic form. Well done!

I love your designer papers, they are all so elegant.


Momiji said...

that looks really interesting Jana..would love to see it for 'real'! I like the tabs...

Elena said...

This class sounds so interesting! Thank you for sharing the link!