I know its not valentines, but I decided to begin to use this images before I color new ones, trying to use things I bought back them when I did not know a lot about scrapbooking and bought all this stickers and sentiment things. Funny today , I'm not a sticker fan, at all.
But, we should recycle and save...
Made a splurge this weekend for myself while I'm still working, when to my local scrapbook store and bought a slice for me, and I have to say I loved it! Got play some more.
Stamp: High Hopes using watercolor pencils.
Paper scraps.

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Momiji said...

real cutesy card!
I know what you mean your ideas and tastes change in crafting..not a fan of stickers now either or peel offs...

Heather "Hev" said...

Very cute card :)

May as well get ahead with your cards because you never know how much busier you will be closer to Lucas's birth.

Bona said...

Cute Jana! ♥ it!

Rita said...

This card is so beautiful Jana & your coloring is gorgeous! I'm no longer a fan of stickers anymore either. I used to use loads of them in my scrapbooks but I like simple now. funny how our tastes change.

Mada said...

This is so very cute! Love it!
The colouring is great and I admire your sense of matching the colours/papers - I would have never thought red dots and blue/cyan patterns go so well together - Thanks for helping me learn something new!


P.S. I still use stickers (peel offs), mostly for bordering a layer or for a corner or two. And sentiments/greetings too.

Elena said...

So cute! Love your beautiful coloring!!!