Kindle Layout

I already gave my DH his birthday and Xmas gift, because for the price of this thing, it can be for both, lol .This picture was taken when he got from work and saw it. I wanted to give something he really wanted and something really good that I could buy all by myself before living work. I'm very blessed and he sure deserves it. He already gave my gift this weekend which I wanted really bad :) if you don't know what a kindle is , just go to Amazon, is a eletronic book reader and has internet access.

Can you see the difference in this scanned image? That is my gift, I wanted a really good printer, I was sick and tired of this old $70.00 unbearable printers, now I have a a great one, and its wireless !! Works great for me !
Anyway, just came from Doctor today and he said I have to cut my snacks or/and sweets, because I gained some weight ! :( I'm feeling heavier , so no more brownies :~~~~(

Ok The stamps used in the layout are Unity stamps , paper I don't know comes in my kit from coordinate collections.

Great week everybody !


Jojo said...

great gift.. i want to get the kindle for my bf also.

Becky said...

I'm thinking I might like one of those too! I LOVE to read! Your layout is really cute! YAY for presents. :)

Rita said...

He looks so happy with his gift! This is an awesome page layout Jana! I've been wanting one of these myself, maybe next year! This is such a great idea for anyone who loves to read. Your new scanner did a great job with the picture.

Cheryl said...

You two are going to have the best Christmas ever (well not the best as next year with Lucas will be the best). Glad you both got what you wanted. I have had a Kindle on my list for a long time, but guess I will have to wait a little longer. Let me know how he likes it.
Take care.

Heather "Hev" said...

Lovely page :)

You will have lots of fun with your scanner I am sure!!

Momiji said...

fabulous the strong colour combinations..

Cheryl KVD said...

This is a beautiful layout! All the details are perfect together!!

Selma said...

Adorei o LO e a cara de felicidade dele com o presente já diz tudo! :)

BeccaRoo said...

Wow that's a pretty neat gift. When I was pregnant the Doctor told me that I was holding to much water. I could not eat any more salty things like Pizza, Pickles, and Caned Veggies.

Maria said...

Never heard of Kindle but sounds like a great gift for a reader! I think my husband would like something like this. . .hmmm, it's something I may consider!! Your dh looks really happy! Great gift, Jana!

I think the scan looks good! Your layout looks vibrant and the colors very nice. Great layout too!!

Oooh, the last few months is when I gained the most weight during my pregnancy and it was rough trying to lose them afterwards!! Stay off the sweets. . .eat fruits!! LOL!!


Elena said...

Great gift! I can see the difference!
The layout is very beautiful!