Thanks Card

I'm trying to let ready some cards to much needed occasions, and random occasions when you need a card and you do not have to run to do it, because probably soon I won't have as much time.
Are you getting ready for thanksgiving, I'm in glad of the big rest will have.
Not sleeping well at all, having a lot of insomnia, my book says is the body preparing itself for lack of sleep, lol
I think , don't prepare yourself now leave the moment :) and right now I can sleep :)
Here is raining and kind of chilly but not that cold comparing of what is really cold about 44 .

Stamps: Giraffe - Unity Stamp, sentiment hero arts

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Bona said...

Cute Jana! I know exactly what you mean. I'm guilty to say, sometimes I still run to the store to get a card. I know, SHAME on me.

Cheryl said...

Great card and a wonderful idea to get prepared. Hope you get some much needed rest. I can remember after I had our kids how much I just wanted to sleep. I'm sure Carlos will be a huge help to you. Just rest and enjoy the holiday. I am at our daughter's house to celebrate (not too far from you in PA).

Elena said...

So cute! Hope you will have a nice holiday and some rest too!

Heather "Hev" said...

Very cute indeed:)

I have just been gifted this stamp so I should get to making lots of fun things :)