Map Book Mini Album with BIA

This is another version of the map album but this time with Bind-it-all. Got love the BIA !

Also, Its so nice one of my Calendar Clipboard featured again as Fab Find in the CC Blog.

I'm doing this class online Daily Essentials, in BPS I think its a great class to push me to know things that I should document in my life, It's not easy for me to write about my life and feelings
I get lazy, I'm a talker ...but it's important to leave this as my story. So, check it out.


Mada said...

Gorgeous work! I really love it. You're the great master of mini albums.
I am going to try one of your tutorials (the "envelopes" one) to make a mini album with my dear departed doggie.

Congratulations for being a Fab Find again and for taking that class. I've read about it and it sounds really great. Hope you'll have lots of fun with it.


Bona said...

Super cute!

Rita said...

Another great project! Congrats on making it in the Fab Find again Jana!

Momiji said...

nice way to use the bind it all in a different way....very cute..

Momiji said...

hope you will do a tutorial on this one sometime!

malieta said...

Congratulations Jana...your tutorials are awesome and you are very deserving!
Your map book mini is awesome!!!!

Elena said...

Gorgeous work Jana! You are so creative! So happy for you that you've been featured!