Life is short Card

A long time I wanted to use this stamps from High Hopes and because some other projects I couldn't, I love their stamps, they are so cute. And they ship fast from Canada, what many companies right now are not doing is to ship fast !
This card was a mistake going right, I used crackled medium with acrylic paint, but I did not wait enough time for the medium to dry so was like that , and I liked too different texture. I've colored it with prisma and Gamsol, if you don't have experience with that
I have a video on my youtube page that I show that.
The sentiment is TAC one of our inspirational sets this one says : "Life is short ...make your own Joy"

Today I was excited to receive some goodies I bought I want learn more about painting,so I can tell you about later. ;)
I just finished Ali Edwards new Book Life artist (you can see on my side bar books I recommend). And I tell you if you like scrapbooking You must buy this book, if you are starting pleaseeeeeee buy this book.
It's just amazing, made me think and change my whole approach on scrapbooking.
Even if you re cardmaker or stamper, this book is about creative process, and to understand that we are all life artists, now how cool is that?
Made me think about something really interesting, we are all creative but most of us , think we are not , so she talks about many of us have creative low-esteem.humm how about that? I agree.
Another point art is not perfect , that's sooooo right !
And she talks about stamping "I love to stamp. It's one of my favorites techniques. Stamps are inherently imperfect, and I think that's one of the reason I love it"
Now,why we always think stamping has to be perfect...........?
I saw a window opening to me .........tarahhhhhhhhhhhh !
Why everything has to be neat, latest gadgets, markers, papers whatever .........?
More I'm in love with stamping I want let my mind free of these things, if people are going to like my style or not, or if my coloring is right or not.....
I have to embrace imperfection.......
Thats just me........I want stamping to be a enjoyable thing to me, where I can hide from all things that eventually make me sad.
So Happy Stamping, our imperfection beautiful art !
Stamps: High Hopes, TAC
Paper: watercolor(michaels, SU)

Crackle medium - Michaels


Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Aw...this is such a Sweet card...I love seeing your creation's.

Cheryl said...

I love this Jana. I especially love the sentiment. Thanks for posting.

malieta said...

Hey Jana your card is cute and I love that stamp!