The new catalog arrived to me on the 24th I couldn't be happier !
I was very surprised with this catalog, and more even to be a angel ! I'm so proud of The Angel Company, they did a beautiful collection of new papers and stamps, and what let's me happy is through out the catalog most of the word set stamps now , are words of encouragement , and inspiration words ! The Angel Company is a different style of stamps and company so if you want be different from what is out there, and be inspired contact me and I will send you a catalog.
This week I will be posting some samples.

Another thing, that happen was not so good, do you have a gmail account or blogger like I do?
Well this week my blog account as my email were disable by google , what that means?
they simply blocked me from my own account .
The only thing I could do was to send a email and hope things were fixed.
As were 2 days later. It was very scary as I've searched online and saw this problem is becoming more and more common. I have another personal email with google where almost all my life is there, and its scary because when you have a service for free, if they decide to do something with your account what can you do.

I was scared for my blog and all the work I put into it...
So I'm really considering paying a blog and transfer all my work, not right now
but I will feel much safer I guess....
What do you think?


My Paper World said...

Oooh! That sounds scary! Glad it's all fixed now! xx

Maria said...

Hi Jana,

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Just a note of caution in regards to using a "paid" blog site. You will have to pay indefinitely. . .once you decide to stop paying, your blog site disappears completely. That's the reason I don't want to use a "paid" blog site service. I've asked myself. . .what if I want to stop paying or use another blog site service. I'd hate to think that my blog site will be deleted as soon as I stop paying. Just something you may want to think about.


Doris said...

Glad you got things straightened out. I hope it stays that way!