Video Tutorial Perfect Pearls on Embossed Acetate

Some people requested this technique I did on my last card, so here is the video tutorial.
About the last video, the flowers were done with Cricut, now we can weld shapes. Then I used diamond glaze to give it a shine.
If you have any questions let me know.
Thanks for stopping by.


Rita said...

That was very interesting Jana! Thank you for sharing that technique, you did a great job & once again I learned something new today!

Maria said...

Hi Jana! I love all your tutorials! Very easy to follow! Yeah, I've been making the video tutorials but I think for some projects like the last one I did, I need to create a "written" tutorial in conjunction. A lot of people have asked for a written version.

I've never tried this technique. It's something that I would love to try! Thanks for sharing your technique! Great job!


Laurene said...

Jana, valeu por esta dica.

leticia said...

super interessante!