Card Making Video

My most gift is spending sometime doing what I love !
Happy Christmas !


Jan Scholl said...

Wow! very nice. What was in the little white pot you used? It was ahrd to see what it was being used for. Was it sparkle or glue?

Rita said...

Jana, great tutorial! What were those yellow flowers, I really like that, where did you buy it from?

Edyenis Gonçalves said...

It's so beauty!! Merry christmas!!

Maria said...

Hey Janaina!

Wow, looks like you put a lot of work into your cards! Beautiful job on your video tutorial. Love the music!!


Tejal said...

Lovely card. I now understand what you mean by just using basics to make a wonderful card!
Merry Christmas Janina.


sylv said...

Jana, I miss visiting your blog for inspiration! My computer needs to be fixed and my daughter was gracious enough to let me use her laptop until I can have my computer repaired.

Thanx for the cardmaking video, the card is sooo cute! Is that a stamped image of the little girl? Will it be in the new TAC catalog?

I will have some Christmas money to spend so I will be ordering from you soon.