Coaster Frame

My sister asked to do some things for 2 friends that had baby, actually one still on the way.
So for the one she has a picture with I did this coaster frame , and isn't my sister pretty ?!! :) Love her and miss her more than words can describe .
I got a bad cold !I have a bad sore throat that left me with no voice ! dah !
My university classes start again on December 1st so I better get healthy soon !
I hope manage well my time for the list of creations I want to do !
And my RAK arrived today Thanks Christina this is her blog
gee she was so generous !


My Paper World said...

Awww! your sister is very pretty!
Love your coaster frame it's lovely!

Rita said...

Your sister is so cute! What a nice picture frame you made. Hope you feel better soon!

Flossie's Follies said...

This is fantastic, it is so pretty.

Maria said...

Your coaster frame is fabulous Jana! It's really a nice gift to give to someone!

I really would like to start working on some scrappy projects myself but I'm concentrating on making cards for Christmas.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Edyenis Gonçalves said...

Thats so cute...


All Pink girl said...

Love your coaster frame so lovely, Dawnx