Christimas Photo card

Every Year I make something with a picture to send to friends and family away, those who I know will cherish that and can't be with us.
I made this with greeting card envelopes and TAC paper and Stamps
Ribbon Walmart
I have to confess that I want make Xmas cards as simple as possible because unfortunately most of them will end up you know where.
And to tell the truth I want to begin my other ideas I have in mind but end up just doing Xmas cards....
I received some great cards

From Malieta
From Jacqueline from France
Christina my Rak of this month from Jen's blog
her blog is cardssweetcards

I hope tomorrow is not so dark so I can take some pictures of something I did. I got a cold so it's really annoying. Oh winter ! :)
By the way a picture of snoopy around the red leaves.


Rita said...

Luv your photo card Jana! Your relatives & friends are going to luv it! Great job! Hope you feel better soon.

malieta said...

Very nice photo card Jana!
I love your RAKs too and I hope you get over your cold really soon!

kathy said...

What a great card that photo card is. I don't know how you come up with these Ideas. I can't get your tutorial to work. Has anyone else mentioned this or is it just me. Thanks for the kind comment and yes I am back for good. Holiday s are still here but I decided I need time for me. all work and no play makes for a boring life. Thanks for sticking by me


I like your card for yours friends and family! Congrats, its a beautiful card!

My Paper World said...

Love your photo card! and the sweet dove embellishment on the ribbon, and of course I LOVE the photo of Snoopy too!

Edyenis Gonçalves said...

It's a good idea for christmas!! Its so dificult when we have many projects to do.


Alessandra e Mara said...

Oi Jana...Parabéns teus trabalhos são maravilhosos, estou apaixonada pelos cartões,adoro fazer cartões,ainda tenho um pouco de receio com os carimbos rsrsr
Teus mini álbuns são de uma delicadeza, amamos teu blog, vamos estar sempre por aqui te visitando
Mara e Ale