We never forget to Scrapbook

Wow I can't believe I'm even writing this post ! It's been 9 months that I took a break from blogging, classes, blog surfing but never from scrapbooking. I reduced a lot.... I needed a break. But the need for memories never stops.
Life is different now goals are different..
I went back to University to pursue something that now I know is my right path, it's what I want to do. Inspired by my son I decided to go to Childhood Psychology and hopefully later to do a Master on ABA to work with Autistic kids and Special Needs kids. It's though. Life is not the same, I have a son, he has a full schedule but I made a decision and got full support. My degree is  my priority now.
But if you are new here my blog has so much content for you, and many videos on my youtube channel.
I don't have any more paper supplies because I had to do a decision:  I do digital scrapbooking or I stop documenting my memories. So, I made the decision... digital it is.

But Lucas is going to kindergarten this year so I decided to buy a Life stories album  which is 6x8 and document his Kindergarten experience digitally and with paper. I figure this album would be easy to keep up.
Am I going to blog like before, no...but I wanted to let you know that the memories are still being made.
What about you? What have you been doing in this 9 months ?

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Mónica said...

Hi! It´s great to hear from you! I´m really happy to know that everything is ok. Keep going, what you are doing is awesome! Hugs.