Love Together

I know I have not been a good blogger, but there are so many things getting my attention out of crafting.
I'm really involved in planning other things and it all involves my son, I feel that I have more pleasure learning to help him right now that this is my opportunity because he is growing fast. I didn't loose my mojo my table is full of stencils waiting for me to use them with inks and I think tomorrow I will do it but life takes it away.
So that's why digital scrapping has been saving me because I don't have that time anymore.
But hopefully my mind will find time I will travel to visit my family soon overseas and hopefully that will spark some creativity in my mind.

I appreciate you sticking around and your support.

Anna Aspnes:
Artsy Template 83
Foto Glow 4
Scriptease love 2
Skinny Line Overlay 1
Enjoy Word art 1

J Barrete happy tape
Traci Reed: Be grateful, extra ordinary


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