Embrace Mixed Media Canvas and More

This is a 12x12 canvas I did for Lucas former teacher she left Friday! A very bitter sweet moments. I thought that I gave her other gifts before necklaces, ready made gifts and as she was leaving I thought the better was to give a handmade gift with some special words related to her new journey. The words says: " Embrace the now, admire possibility , embark in a adventure of everyday life".
Bitter sweet moment I still going to see her as she now is going to work private with ABA therapy for Lucas but I would rather have her everyday with him. But how do you show enough gratitude to a person that helped so much your son? So hopefully this shows I'm grateful and I care about you. I wish her all the best She is a example of a real dedication to Autistic kids and what is to be a Special Needs teacher.

To a more happy note I want to thank so far some of blog reader that have participated in my Autism Fundraiser Community this community always amazes me and I'm so grateful.
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