Dear John Layout

I made a goal this year to read fiction book which other than lord of the rings and twilight I really never read fiction books.

So I started to read some fictions and got hooked with Nicholas Sparks, than came Dear John and this book was so heart breaking nothing to do with the movie( which has a different ending), I got really sad and angry for John. So to make piece with this I made this page.

Anna Aspnes:

Artsy layered templates 18
Upcycled paperie 1
Wrapping frames 1
Fotoglow hearts 1
fotoglow 4
Stitched by Anna Black 
Stitched by Anna Black Borders

Kitty designs Romantumn (clip)

Traci Reed dog eared
Katie Partiet Wood Veneer heart
Juliana Keneipp Laces and Ribbons

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