Happy 2013 and my Finished Project Life

Happy 2013 to everyone. I wish a lot of health and creative endeavors !

Well this was my Project Life for 2012 and there were positive sides and negative ones.

Positive :

-It was the first project that I actually did the whole project, but I did what project life is really about no pressure. I did it monthly and printed pictures every 2 weeks and I think that contributed to my success.
- Another thing I loved was to keep memorabilia and things that Lucas (now at school) brings. Also everyday his teacher send notes of what he did at school and sometimes I would add that to the spread of the month.
- It was a place to put cards, certificates absolutely everything I did the past year. Also I included layouts I did about Lucas in the project which I think this year I won't.
- It's something really powerful to go back and see all the details of your life. Things that before just with layouts I didn't have in so many details.
- But I didn't feel the need to create tons of layouts, which is a positive thing in my case because space.I became more  selective about the stories I wanted to tell.


- The fact that I actually would need 2 albums to complete this project by the end of the year. I saw that I could not put as much stuff and I basically stuffed everything in there that the whole binder is just at point to explode. Very difficult to turn the  pages but I think this is  a issue to people like me that don't have a lot of space. Having to do 2 albums a year is just too much for space.

- Having to spend more money  printing pictures because I print them at home and it was getting hard to print for layouts. It has to be more cost effective.

My solution:

I will start to create the spreads digitally, I thought that the fact that it will save space in the album will contribute to the fact that I want to maintain one  album for the whole year.

Also doing the spreads digitally makes me save money because with sales to print  layouts is cheaper than to print 20 pictures or more a month.

I want to spend more time doing other crafts and maybe mini albums and recording more videos and that will save me time.

Let's hope this all works.


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