Gelli Plate Junk Mail Mini Album video tutorial

When I heard about Gelli plate and saw the videos I was pretty shocked how cool and simple it looked.
So I waited for Christmas to have to have.
This was my first project so far and I was shocked of how much we can do in so little time and how many awesome prints we can make.
First Part

and the second part

This album is at my Etsy which is now exclusively to my son Autism Program all the money there will be to donate material to his class or to help me with materials for his therapy at home as now we have a new person working with us every week. Plus the work I have to do with him.
You can check this mini HERE.

Here some more close ups to you



Connie's Place said...

Thanks for sharing the videos. I think I am needing a gelli plate too :)

terry said...

Loved your vids , especially the latest on Gelli plate and junk mail printing! Thanks~Terry Y.