Project Life W1 and apps to help you with it

I got very excited to start Project Life,  feeling more relaxed this time, I think many things helps not feeling pressure and having a better system to keep on with your journaling. One good idea is to journal on the metadata of your pictures I do that sometimes but here is a great post from Noell at Paperclipping on how to do that and her approach.
But one I have been using a lot is Day one app for the iPad they also have for desktop .

I think it has been the easiest for me , it gives you pop up messages to remind you, but I usually journal in the end of the day, I also use Momento pretty much just to catch up my twitter and Facebook pages it keeps track for you so I know I can use it anytime to get the posts I want.

The words I did with my silhouette, silhouette store had many fun  words die cuts for that. And stamps from Ali Edwards.


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