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I've been so buy it seems that this year is going faster than the last one, well every year seems like that, but our routine is so intense that makes time fly by you.
I decided to have so fun with my spray paints and watercolors and played with Paperbagstudios new stamps I love this doodle flower. I decided this year I'm going to do some Xmas  decoration. Finally feeling the mood for it, and decided even to do December Daily this year but digitally and then make a book so in the end will be kind of hybrid. SO I got these overlays from Ali Edwards. Let see how it goes im not the greatest of following up with it still didnt put my week in the life album together .

thanks for looking

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Lorrie Jonas' creations said...

Hi Jana,
Just took the she art number two class and I loved it!! it was kind of close to Christmas. so all my neighbors got she art girl angels for Christmas. I had to make sure I used the class. so in the long run I would save a but of money. What have you been up to? I miss seeing you every week. When You get back into things and ever need some help. You have made a friend in me... I h ope every thing is well with your family and I have you all in my prayers and toughs.