Hybrid Layout

Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've posted we were hit by hurricane Irene and we were without power for 53 hrs. It was not fun !
But I'm back and I have today a hybrid layout that I did with some of Anna Aspnes designs. We will talk a lot more about that and do a lot more tutorials. But I wanted to show you. That digital doesn't have to be scary to me really saves me money and time and to me all counts. More and more I don't have time to play and I also don't have the space for it. Everything is valid if you're having fun, if you're recording your memories.
Anna's store at O scraps opens tomorrow! With a huge sale so great opportunity for you to try out and we will do this together and I don't if you're familiar digital supplies are very cheap even more when there is a sale going on.
On this layout I used the Find your Way Art Play Palette for the background.
So tomorrow I will come back with some more creations.

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Sandy said...

Love the photo - and the layout is sweet! I like hybrid and digital, too. When I am layed up - it provides me with fun and purpose. You were so cute in high school!