Photo Holder 1+ award


Hi everyone I have finished another photo holder, sending this one to Brazil,  almost every month we send a bunch of pictures of Lucas to family there. I'm using for both projects the kit from Coordinate Collections I believe kits are a fast and easy way to do matching projects without  worries.
This is a photo folder, I will do a tutorial on this one , there is many out there but this one I made to fit 4x6 photos. The stamps used here are from My favorite Things.
My friend and awesome card maker Risa sent me this award to list 10 things that makes me happy, I won't pass just to 5 friends because most ppl got it but feel free to post if you want to share with us.

10 things that makes me happy in no particular order:
1. My son laughing 
2. My beagle
3. My patient husband
4.When I speak with my dear friends 
5. Scrapbooking
6. Stamping
7. Photoshop Playing
9. Coffee
10. My MAC

Thanks for stopping by today 


flowerdisco said...

Great job on the photo holders. I love the one you made for Lucas photos.

take care :)

Risa said...

Very cute photo holder Jana! I'm wondering if it is similar to a file folder? At any rate, I love it and I know that your relatives will enjoy Pucas's beautiful pictures!