Gypsy card & no live show today

Yes,I bought the gypsy, I bought at HSN launch and it was a good deal I think. As a mac user I could not use the design studio, which I think gives so many possibilities with the cricut.
When I used to have pc I had design studio trial and had a lot of fun. But than my pc died and I got fed up with pcs . But when I saw the presentation at HSN I could understand much better and got myself as my birthday gift. My husband as a gift gave me a cricut expression so I made a upgrade on my cricut. Now the possibilities are endless !
I'm still learning but here is a simple card using the gypsy wanderings that comes loaded in the gypsy. This blog has a lot of tutorial on the gypsy.Some people asked me is that worth it? Well I did videos before about tools and what I think is necessary, to me it's a investiment and a tool really necessary if you want to use your cricut to the full capacity. Remember you always have to ask yourself am I going to need that? So if you love your cricut like I do, I think it's worth it. But there is many new tools out there now that don't call my attention at all.

We do not have LIVE SHOW today, next show 10/18 I have art group meeting so we will continue the hybrid book next week.

Dee all the way from UK sent me this beautiful card Thanks Dee !
She does not have a blog, but is my faithful reader and student.

Thanks for all the comments on my birthday, you guys are really a company to me.
Thanks for stopping by


Erin Bassett said...

Great card!! So awesome you did it with your Gypsy!

Elena said...

Wonderful card, Jana!
And what a pretty card from Dee!

MEL said...

LOVE that dream card! I have a teen in the house and I may have to case it, it's a perfect card to give to a teen girl. :)

Risa said...

What a beautiful card Jana! I love the design and butterfly!