Thank you to all of you !

Today is my Blogversary ! Yeah wow 2 years can you believe it?! I can't.

When I look back and think how much I've learned and how much this community gave back to me. I really hope I could help as many people with my videos, I wanted to do this to show people we can do this ! I thought I was not creative at all, but with help of this craft community I'm getting there. But the most important I've learned to follow my own instinct, what I need instead of what I want, what I want to leave as a legacy and what makes me happy.
This is what I hope for in my blog and my videos and classes that I just help people to get things started and from there take the lead. And I'm so glad with what people have shared with me, projects they made and gifts that made others happy.

I want to thank all my followers and subscribers for being here with me.
Thank you to all my 975 subscribers on Youtube as of today ! Thank you !
Thank you to all my video workshop students who have been supporting me, and help me to bring more ideas even now without a job to sustain my hobby.
Thank you for the ones that supported me since the beginning and became my friends, people I don't even know in person but already are part of my life and my family with their RAKs, gifts or sometimes a simple chat.

There is so many things I still want to learn and document and share , there is still things I think I suck! But we have to keep trying and believe we are all creative !

Thanks everybody for stopping by
You are all appreciated. !



Erin Bassett said...

Happy Blogversary!!!

Stamping at tiffanys said...

yay!!! happy blogversary!!! I love watching your videos and seeing your creations! you are very insipirig!

Rita said...

Happy Blogaversary!!! You have been an inspiration to us all as well Jana! Thank you for being my friend, I can't believe we have been blog friends for 2 years already...where has the time gone!

Percy said...

Jana, Congratulations on your blogoversary!!! I love your blog...please keep it up! Love your are an inspiration to all of us out here!

Sue from Oregon said...

Congrats Jana! 2 years and a baby...what could be better!

Suz said...

Happy Blogaversary! You are very talented & I wish you many more years of inspiring us

Meri(txell) said...

Congratulations on your blogaversary! What a fantastic fabric mini-album you´ve made! Thanks for inspiring!

Holly Jones said...

way cute card!

Risa said...

Happy Blogaversary Janna!
Where did the time go? So glad to have met you and to have you as a friend[color=#660000][heart][/color]
Thanks for sharing all of your lovely creations and I can't wait to see more from you.

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

You were already good at things, but I have enjoyed watching you these last two years become fantastic in both creativity as well as teaching and passing this information on. Happy Blogversary!

Elena said...

Thsnk you to you, Jana for sharing your art with us!