Monthly Baby Album - Month 1

Hi Everyone, this will be a 8x8 album that I'm doing for Lucas with more simple layouts and just like a month to month pictures, to put here where people can see or easier to take with me if I want. More photos and no journaling.
I'm using this corduroy album by Making Memories.
On the top is the first page and than the 1 month spread. The titles are on transparency.

I began a new blog about motherhood and my quest on raising Lucas with a second language.
Because I don't like to write too much not related craft stuff here, if you like mom blogs :)
here it is.

Hopefully tomorrow I will send the newsletter .

Thanks for stopping by


Maria said...

That's an awesome idea to create quick month to month layouts! Oh my gosh, by the time Lucas turns 10 you'll have over a hundred albums! LOL!

My daughter was raised in a bilingual home. Because my grandmother baby sat for me while I was at work. I read in a study that bilingual kids learn to speak later than single language kids. My daughter couldn't speak a proper sentence until she was close to 3 years old but she could understand 2 languages proficiently.


Risa said...

Your album is very cute Jana! Memories such as what you are creating are priceless...keep em' coming!

Rozette said...

I love that album from Scrap a faire class at SBE site. It is one of my favorite gifts to give to new moms.

Elena said...

I love your idea with each month page for your album!
I got my newsletter and I loved it!
Thank you so much, Jana!