Digital Layout

It 's quite a discovery to see that I like this digital thing, just one more thing to get me addicted to photoshop ,I just love this program.
Why digital layouts? well A mix is good for the pages I won't have time to do. I like to make the traditional, but when time is short and you want to tell the story ,why not? The thing here is documentation. And have both arts.Why not? It's all a matter of taste, I like all 3 worlds: paper, hybrid, digital.
And is quite good to practice your intuition and creativity in digital, makes my brain have more ideas to paper stuff.

Word art , template, stitches Ali Edwards
Heart Embellishment
Papers: Freebie from Design Digitals


Sue from Oregon said...

Love the dog helper in this. Great pages!

Elizabeth Roessle said...

Ficou lindíssimo!
Beijinhos no Lucas, ele deve estar lindo!!!
Bom final de semana!

Jen said...

Awesome layout, Jana. Love the story, his room was definitely set up with lots of love from both you n' your hubby!!

Keep them digi layouts coming. Glad that you finally got into them.


Momiji said...

love this digi layout..really tells it how it is..

Elena said...

Awesome layout, Jana! I love your digital layouts! I think that it is not easy to do! You need to be very creative to make one of a kind page! You do the best work on this one!
Happy Mother's Day to you!

Maria said...

Hey Jana! Your layout is beautiful!! Love the pics!! I've never tried digital scrapbooking. . .i can barely scrapbook the regular way! LOL!

I hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day!!!


Future Mama said...

How cute!! You are so talented! Happy mothers day!! I'm new here but this is a cute blog!!