Gate Fold Card

Some people think, wow you have a newborn and is creating cards ! Of course not people! :)
I don't create everyday, do you?
Even when I did not have a child, but when I seat on my table I do a lot, so I usually have stuff for a week, let's me tired if I go and try to do things everyday I need some time off to think about new stuff.

Yesterday Oprah's show was to me, lol it was about Secret lives of Moms, and so many things related to me, funny to see all moms feel and go through the same stuff, but nobody talks about that.

Stamp: Magnolia

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chelemom said...

This is super cute!!!

Francien said...

Although I dont like Magnolia that much, because of the ( non) expression on their faces, this is a very lovely card...I like the colors very much...well done...and no...I dont create every day...there is more to live than that and I love to bloghopp to see what others do create..
I wish you and your little family a nice Easter weekend together
greetings Francien.

Risa said...

Hey Jana,
You seem to be in high spirits today! :)
I love your gate fold card and your coloring is awesome!!!!!

Edys Gonçalves said...

Jana, minha linda!!! AMO esse cartões!!! Dá um charme a mais ele abrindo diferente!!!


Elena said...

Love your gate fold card, Jana! Very cute Magnolia stamp!!!

Cheryl said...

I adore the gate fold cards and this one is very sweet. Glad Lucas is doing so well. Haven't been on the blogs in ever so long with all that has going on, but needed to check in on you.