Photoshop Playing and RAK

While on sofa in my ice packs and between Lucas sleeping time, I can't do much other than play with my PSE.
I had a Episiotomy after more than 3 hours of pushing Lucas was going really slow, well I didn't read much about it because I really thought I would not need that. But God has other plans. In that moment is whatever is safer for you baby, the doctor had to help me out a little, but after all settle and done. I feel a lot of pain and discomfort in my body right now, not just because of that but because other common things of a natural birth.

I'm still trying to have patience and accept my body as it is now, and trying to be patient with discomfort and pain. I really felt crappy, now just a little crappy :) and that gave a little baby blues. But I'm better now, healing.

So, it will take 4/6 weeks for me to feel better about myself and maybe improve my mood.
But I thank the blessings:

Having a very good baby that has been very consistent

And a very helpful husband that has been with me through this period and helping me in everything, even the things you wish they didn't have to.
I'm so happy to have him here, and, like in the past, since we got here in this country.
We will do this together just me and him, and I'm so glad because it make us grow together.

Thanks for your patience and soon I will be back to blogland and visit my friends. Aren't you glad blogger has a schedule post option ? :)

Look what I got in the mail from my friend Rita , she does wonderful cards, and she remembered me and gave me the most beautiful mug, if you don't know I collect mugs,she gave me a awesome one from Vegas.
Rita thank you my friend. Blogland: We meet wonderful people.



Rita said...

Your welcome Jana, I'm so glad you liked it! I can't wait to see Lucas in his all star onesie when he grows into it this summer! He is such a cute baby!

Risa said...

Oh Jana, Lucas is adorable! I just LOVE his plump cheeks!
Yes....after giving birth, your body will be uncomfortable for a few weeks. But on a happier note, every time you look at your bundle of joy, you know that it was worth all the hard hork of labor. Rita is so sweet and her RAK and mug are beautiful!
I apologize for not having sent Lucas his card yet *naughty me* I've been so busy and lately there aren't enough hours in the day. However, I will be mailing my card tomorrow.
Oops...Your layout of Lucas is beautiful Jana! You are really into something with the digital layouts!!!
Take care and I hope you feel a lot better soon.
p.s. Thanks for sharing the video! Lucas is so alert one second and falling asleep the next. Too Cute!!!!

Momiji said...

Lovely photo of Lucas and what you have done with PSE.He looks great in these colours! thanks for sharing these special moments.

Heather "Hev" said...

Glad you are feeling a little better everyday - and although you are "alone" in your new country you have lots of support from your blogging friends :)

Lucas is so adorable :)

rebecca said...

Just looking at Lucas and holding him each day will be the best therapy you can get. I know pregnancy means a lot more than just another person in the house. Lots of changes for everyone!! Know you have lots of support from your faithful readers.

Jamee said...

your son is so cute!! i love playing with photoshop, thats the best program out there!

Elena said...

Oh, I am so sorry that you feel uncomforatble. But this pain will go away and you will forget about this soon!
Lucas is so precious! Very handsome little boy!
I am so glad that you met wonderful people through the blogland!

Maria said...

I'm sorry about your episiotomy. Gosh, that must have been painful. . but if it has to be done, it has to be done. I hope your pain has subsided and you are almost back to normal! Lucas is so cute in the photo!!


Adriann said...

I just stopped to congratulate you on your newest addition! He's simply adorable...and I can't believe how fast you are back to blogging.

Enjoy every moment!