Photoshop Playing and reflection

Rhonna Ferrer die cut frames
(photo at 33 weeks)
Today I was reading Ali Edwards blog and as she is close to her baby probably anytime, she was talking about think about her life all this time with 1 child.
I understand because as I go to my 36 weeks, I think how my life will be different in some weeks, I tell my husband all the time, how is going to be after all this years just me and you, a completly different family, after 13 years just us, it's going to be at least to me different. He doesn't think about that, as I think all men but I do. Many things happened and God I think prepared to this moment to have this child just us me and him as a family and no help, which I never thought it would happen, I remembered 8 years ago thinking I would never have a child here without my mom helping me, and today I feel ok with it. Anyway, enough of self reflecting.

Soon , I will post a video tutorial on how to use digital elements on text editor like word, or other you have I say that because I use Open Office for Mac that is pretty much like word excel and so on.But it's free, not giving my money to microsoft anymore lol
Stay tuned, you don't need PSE to use digital elements.
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Momiji said...

great the way you have merged this! I love all these special effects.
these are wonderful memories for you to treasure

Rita said...

This picture is so cute for scrapping! Look at you, you are getting so big & it's getting so close! I'm so happy for you Jana!

Elizabeth Roessle said...

Como vc está linda Jana!!!
O Lucas deve estar fazendo uma bagunça ai dentro??? Kkkkkkkk

Chris said...


Que barrigão, hein!
Que felicidade!
Vc verá que tudo dará certo! A vida muda, mas muda para melhor! O nosso ponto de vista sobre o mundo também! Nós nos tornamos pessoas melhores!


Elena said...

Very precious picture! I am so happy for you, Jana!

Risa Malieta W. said...

Your layout is beautiful Jana! I love the special effects and you will treasure these memories for ever!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

What a special time for you and your husband. Thanks for sharing the tutorial and your thoughts.


Maria said...

Hi Jana! Oh, your tummy looks so cute! You'll get a kick looking at the photos in several years. I look back and I'm still amazed by my tummy when I was pregnant.

There will be changes but that's expected. I was in my early 20s when I had my daughter so I really didn't think about "life" in the way I would if I had a child now but I did feel a little sadness losing my old life to some degree although it was mixed with absolute joy. After the initial sadness, I never looked back. Enjoy your time with your husband with just the two of you. . .life do change after the baby comes along . .but for the good!!