Happy Birthday Card and Thank you

As my friend just received this today, I could post this card, Magnolia on watercolor.
It's been a good 3 days relaxing at home, we had snow yesterday, so I'm getting some things ready on my rhythm, preparing for Baby shower Sunday, that should be fun :)

It's been overwhelming the pouring of generosity of my distant friends.
I received this last week on the mail .
With handmade cow from Maria and Natalie, Natalie : Спасибо ! Thank you ! my friend, you are the proof that distance doesn't end friendship.

I received yesterday 2 boxes also full of clothing from another friend from Florida. I was so happy and amazed with her generosity that made me cry. She just had a baby boy and sent 2 big boxes loaded for me.
When I first arrived in this country I was her baby sitter. I saw her daughter grow, and they never forgot me, this is what matters in life, love from true friends and people that never forget you.
I still send her daughter cards every month, I called her and I said to her : you can give cards to your friends at school, and she said: no,,,I want to keep to myself, I have a box for them...made me happy !

Well, shopping this weekend saw this plush at Sam's club, and because of the price could not resist, my intention was to buy a Elmo, a big one, because I love Elmo ! I think he is a great character to Lucas grow with. But I saw this and remembered me snoopy and was $19.90 and people is HUGE !!
Lucas is going to love it ! I can see him laying down on him already !
But I still want a Elmo ;) maybe now a small one.
Here he is going home ;)

Thanks for reading my bla bla bla


Momiji said...

I love the combination of stitches and texture on your card and the warm colours.
how exciting for you with these lovely gifts from friends

Elizabeth Roessle said...

Uau que cartão mais fofo, super delicado!!!
O Lucas realmente vai adorar, lindo lindo!!!

Risa Malieta W. said...

Very cute card Jana! Tilda's colors are nice and warm and the added dimension and texture are awesome.

Heather "Hev" said...

Have fun with the baby shower on Sunday you will be spoilt rotten I bet :)

Maria said...

Your Tilda Happy Birthday card is so adorable, Jana!! She must have been happy to receiving your lovely card.

oh, how nice of your friends to send you such lovely gifts. It's nice to have good friends who care about you!!!


Selma said...

I love to read your bla bla bla. That's make me closer to you :)

Elena said...

I am so glad you have wonderful and generous friends, Jana!
Love your card!!!

Rita said...

Gotta love that big bear, I would have bought it too for that price. That's a great find!

Your card is so pretty & I'm sure she loved it!