Side stitched album sample

Here just a sample of what Selma, did with the Side stitched album workshop, She tests the workshops for me and I get impressed each time with the work she does.
She didn't post in her blog yet, but later she will post all her pages. Selma Thank you !

I'm at work and later today will post something, yesterday I was not feeling that great I'm having constant headaches. I forgot to post, I prefer to put my legs up and enjoy watching Paperclipping live, and after that Apple's Keynote with my DH, and every time I ask myself :
How can a company be so d... good !
Anyway see you all later.


Elizabeth Roessle said...

Nossa que lindo!!!
Adorei as cores que ela escolheu divinoooo!!!!

Momiji said...

love Selma's take on the side stitch album..very pretty!

Rita said...

A very beautiful book!

Cheryl said...

Very pretty. Hope your headache is better.

Elena said...

So precious! Love the stitching!
Hope you are feeling better!