Layout - What are you looking ?

The collage of Snoopy photos were made with these quick collages , you can download them for free here and also there is a video tutorial there if you have PSE. Another example how digital can help scrapbooking, I'm becoming addicted to these collages because its great that you can fit many pictures about a particular story you want to tell.
Let me know on comments if you would like to see some tutorials of PSE to help you with your photos, I don' t think this is something just for scrapbooking, but maybe you want do things like that for your personal phtos that you keep.You could use these collages even in a frame. so, let me know.
Here was snowing all day, so I hope where you are, is warm !

Thanks for your visit and comments.


Maria said...

Beautiful layout, Jana!! Every time I come over to your blog, it reminds me that I need to work on my layouts! I haven't had the time to scrapbook! Your mini albums and layouts are always an inspiration!!


rebecca said...

Yes, I'd love to see more tutorials. I'm just getting started with scrapbooking and PSE, so would welcome any help. You seem to have it all together, so I'd love to be your student. Thanks for asking.

rebecca said...

PS: thanks for the links to the collage download and the tutorials. I'm planning to spend some time with both tomorrow. Oh, wait -- it is tomorrow!

Momiji said...

love the layout of snoopy...would love to know how to do all this but I don't have any of these things.I enjoy seeing what you do with them.

Cheryl said...

I don't have PSE so am not sure how I would even begin but I enjoy seeing what you are doing with it. Snoopy is so cute.

malieta said...

Your layout of Snoopy is beautiful Jana! Of course I would love to see a tutorial of photo shop!*smile*

Elena said...

Very beautiful Jana! I would like to see a tutorial!