Card and Award and some thought

I did some cards but I'm not uploading from my camera as fast because my project 365 I wait to a good number of pics to upload to the computer. So here you go finally a card.
The Stamps: The Angel Company, and sentiment SU. Pretty simple to the point.

This Award says: This blog is beautiful like a rose .
My blog friend and constant visitor Elizabeth from Brazil awarded me. Elizabeth Obrigada ! (Thank you !) This is really a sweet award. Take a peek at her blog she has awesome creations and Scrap Layouts.

Before yesterday I was really shocked and sad with some news I found out , in Coordinating Collections blog, (this is my monthly kit). On this topic .
I participate constantly in the forum, this lady was well known of us, she was one time DT guest designer and she was always so sweet in her comments to our creations and a very active scrapper.
This stroke me how Scrapbooking has such a value, because going in her gallery or just looking at the post there with some of her creations I could see she talked through the pages of her layouts about herself, her life, her children....I thought wow ! what a precious thing her family now will have, her legacy and her sentiments kept safe in her layouts. We are such a small part of this life, life is such a breath of air....and we have everyday to be Grateful, Enjoy each day, and leave our mark ....So I begin to think everyday how can I enjoy more each day and leave my mark and legacy to my child....?

Well as part of the plan for that, Friday was my last day of work. Now I can rest more, and prepare for the big moment of my life and prepare things to Lucas. Enjoy my house, my moment , my family, my days. Altough it will be strange after so many years working, I do not feel any regret, I'm just so excited and anxious for the labor of love that is coming to our house.

Thanks for sharing that with me and following my blog..



Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Congrats on the award Jana. :-)

Yep, it really puts things in perspective. I hope you have a wonderful time resting up before your son's entrance into our world.

God bless you all!


Elena said...

congratulations on the award, Jana!
I love the card you created! So beautiful!
Really sorry to hear these very sad news...

Elizabeth Roessle said...

Jana Querida!!! Obrigada pelo carinho!!!
Agora vc vai descansar bastante e esperar pelo Lucas!!! Que delicia neh...Lavar as roupinhas arrumar os ultimos detalhes do quartinho, mala para maternidade!!!Aproveite muito querida vc merece!!!

Momiji said...

I hope you now have some more relaxing time before the birth..
every good wish...

Maria said...

Hi Jana! I'm sorry to hear of Janice passing. I've never known her because I'm not a scrapbooker but it seems that she was loved by many.

I agree. . .life is short and that we really need to focus on our priorities. Many times we seek very superficial things in life that have very little meaning in the scheme of things. . .we seek fame, recognition, adoration, materialism. . .and sometimes forget about what is most important such as family, our friends (real friends), our pets, and the simple beauty in life that really do bring true meaning and happiness in our lives!

I'm glad to hear that you are leaving your job and will be able to relax and enjoy your last months of pregnancy. It's good to rest before the baby comes, because for 18 years. . .well, you won't have much of it! LOL!!

Congratulations on your award, it is well deserved and your card is beautiful!!


Selma said...

Jana, aproveite bastante esse momento, descanse e curta cada minutinho dessa espera que é meio cansativa sim, mas que vc se lembrará p/ sempre com carinho!

Risa Malieta W. said...

Congratulations on your award Jana! You are very deserving of it and your card is very lovely. I heard about the sudden loss of the lady you are refering to and I was shocked as well. My heart goes out to her family and God bless.
Now that you aren't working, take the time to simply relax and prepare for Lucas's entrance into the world.

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with that stamp set! I never know how to color it!

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with that stamp set! I never know how to color it!